Dylyn Arney

Dylyn Arney

Group Fitness Instructor, Zumba Instructor


We live in a society that is infatuated with labels. For 19 years of her life, Dylyn says her label was overweight. It followed her wherever she went.  Her check-up appointments with her doctor confirmed she was living with obesity. Her clothes were categorized as plus-sized.  She felt like she was labeled as the “fat friend” among her peers, and she felt trapped in that box for most of her life.  Then she had her moment – the moment she realized she didn’t want to be overweight anymore.  Scales were her biggest fear, but one day she stepped on one and won her battle. For a 5’5 young woman to be over 200lbs was unhealthy, and she knew if she didn’t make changes she knew she’d be most like labeled overweight forever. For the next 3+ years, she cleaned her eating habits up and discovered physical activities that she enjoyed.  She learned that dancing qualifies as working out, running gets easier the longer you stick with it, and there are people out there who WILL support you.

“I want to help other people meet their goals to a healthier lifestyle. I am currently a certified group fitness and licensed Zumba instructor.  Shortly, I plan on certifying for personal training.  I can now say my label is no longer overweight.  I’m choosing my labels as ‘strong,’ ‘hard-working,’ and most importantly ‘healthy.’